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Chauntell Dietrich

aka Enchaunti Waroway

  • RSW, Social Worker, Psychotherapist

  • Ordained Animist Minister

  • Animist Practitioner

  • Certified Energy Healer

Experience & Training

  • 14 years of experience working with adults and youth in therapeutic, mental health and post-trauma support settings

  • Ordained Animist Minister through the Web of Life Animist Church

  • Soul Psychology course with Author and Psychotherapist Thomas Moore

  • Spirit Bridge Practitionership training  & DNA Warriors Ancestral Healing Program through Web of Life Animism

  • Authentic Life Leadership training with Authentic Revolution 

  • Certified in Reiki Energy Healing

  • Certified Aqualead Energy Healing Master 


Formal Education

McMaster University

  • Bachelors of Social Work

  • Bachelors of Sociology

Mohawk College

  • Child and Youth Work

The world is changing

and it's time for us to shift with it

There is a lingering dissatisfaction in our culture these days resulting in many 

suffering from what we label as depression, anxiety and other forms of mental illness.
So many of us are disconnected from our Self/Source/the Force/the Universe/God
(there are so many words for something that so many of us ignore).

We are taught not to trust ourselves and we lose touch with our intuition.
The path to enjoying life begins with opening up to the mysteries of the Universe
and realizing you're on a journey of discovery.


Introductions typically begin with sharing a first name that was chosen for us by our parents and a last name passed down by our ancestors.

Our name symbolizes our attachment to those who came before us.

My given birth name is Chauntell Dietrich.

I have taken the name Enchaunti Waroway to symbolically represent my re-birth into the woman I choose to be. 

Meaning of Enchaunti Waroway


A bit Personal...

I have been in a role of supporting people my whole life. I come from a family that, like many others, has experienced the impact of ancient traumas. These traumas, passed down through our ancestral line, manifested as anger, alcoholism, depression, disconnect and abuse in my family. I felt the pain of being raised by people who were pained as well. I grew up experiencing the impact of this, which resulted in me having a behaviours and thought patterns that left me feeling insecure as a child. Eventually this manifested as what is medically referred to as a depressive episode when I was 16. 

I sought counselling and medication and felt frustrated by the lack of change occurring my in my life. At the age of 17, I started to do my own exploration into what depression is and what happiness is. This has turned out to be a life long research project!

And on to the Professional

I began my “professional” career working with children struggling with behavioural challenges before and after my education as a Child and Youth Worker. I worked at an outdoor day camp for 9 summers and at an after school program for 5 years. Working with these children taught me so much about humans, the impact of trauma and the need for play, community, energy and nature in the healing process. 

Both Social Work placements I had were in adult mental health with people that had been diagnosed with severe mental health challenges. One placement was in a hospital setting and the other was in the community.

These experiences showed me the challenges with how mental “illness” is currently managed in the main stream mental health realm. It’s clear that we have a long way to go when it comes to understanding trauma and how to support people through the impact of these experiences. It is my continued intention to explore these issues from a variety of angles to best meet my client’s needs on their journey. 


I also studied Sociology in University and took many religion classes. Studying religions and spiritual texts from all different backgrounds is a continued interest I have that helps me deepen my understandings of this reality. 

After graduating university I worked at a shelter supporting women and children that had been exposed to domestic violence. In this role I offered counselling and education around anti-violence, healthy relationships, non-violent communication, self-esteem, anger and emotions. 

In my personal life, I have found deep benefits from connecting with spirituality, holistic healing tools as well as connecting with mythology and sacred stories. These experiences eventually encouraged me to open my own private practice where I currently work at The Hamilton Centre for Personal Development. 

Over the last 3 years I have been deepening my own knowledge through a variety of trainings and programs related to animism and energy work. I’m currently in the process of taking year long Animism Ministry program so that I can continue to bring spirituality into my practice in ways that resonate for the people I work with. 

Being a Social Worker, evidence based practice is important. As science evolves and we continue to learn about the true origins of human history, I believe that including spiritual practices in mental health services is integral for holistic healing.


I am constantly learning, growing and evolving with this ever changing world. I'm passionate about mental wellness and the wellness of this planet as a whole. I believe that holistic wellness comes from honouring and connecting with planet earth, our deep wisdom and the universe as we were naturally intended to prior to colonization and industrialization. We can learn so much from our past and from nature


What does Enchaunti Waroway mean?

Enchaunti is a combination of 3 words:

Enchanted  To bestow magic onto or to delight.
I have grown up believing in magic and it has become a big part of how I have found joy in my life.
The magic in our world right now looks different than the magic in a fantasy stories but it's still here! Magic an spirit exists all around us and it can bring miracles into our lives when we connect with it,   

We have the ability to make amazing transformation happen and we are starting to wake up to knowing that magic is not fake or evil. Magic is about creating the world we want and using our energy to make it happen.

If we believe in it, it will show itself to us and we can connect with it to create an exuberant life!

Shanti Sanskrit word meaning inner peace, tranquility, bliss.
When we have a connection and trust in ourselves as well as in source/the universe/god/the force, we develop this shanti energy. This is another part of yourself that I want you to discover as a constant companion. You can be at peace while the world hustles and bustles around you and you can get control over your life rather than being tossed around by the energy of other people. May Shanti energy find you well. 


Chauntell Name given to me by my mother.
My mom is a magical woman and has been an amazing teacher and support to me. People often spell my name wrong because she spelled it uniquely! It has never bothered me because it reminds me of my uniqueness and the importance to walk my own path in life. The origin of this name also means singer in french. When we sing we are in the flow and connected with the universe. Everything is made up of vibrational frequencies which means we are all one energy field. When we recognize and connect to our oneness with all, we feel fully alive. 

Waroway is my grandparent's last name (my mom's parents) and they were my caregivers while my mom worked when I was a child. My grandfather played an integral role in my upbringing. I learned from his wisdom and the fables from around the world that he would read me as bed time stories. In so many ways, I wouldn't be me without him. This name also honours my Ukrainian roots. 

Enchaunti Waroway
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