"Engaging in harmonious human connection is one of the most therapeutic experiences we can have. In a world where technology is adding to our disconnect with each other, it is so important to make time to truly hear and see one another."

- Enchaunti Waroway


 A meaningful way to celebrate life's milestones. Enchaunti will help you create a memorable experience by facilitating deep authentic connection with the people that mean the most.

Perfect for :

  • birthdays

  • friendship and family bonding

  • engagement parties 

  • bachelorette Parties

  • baby shower

  • retirement

  • house warming

  • goodbye celebrations

  • other meaningful life transitions 

Connect with Enchaunti and design your next celebration together.

$350 for 2 hours



Humans are the heart of work place organizations and these harmony sessions will help connect and revitalize the people that truly matter. Your staff will leave feeling a greater sense of connection and compassion for each other.


 Perfect for:

  • team building

  • welcoming new staff

  • helping staff feel seen, heard and appreciated 

  • creating connections

  • building empathy

  • group cohesion

  • help people see the human in each other

Connect with Enchaunti to support your team in creating
a more harmonious work environment .

$500 for 2.5 hours 


I run Sacred Ceremonies throughout the year for various occasions. These group gatherings bring humans together so that we may honour our lives together on planet earth. 

We use sacred ceremonies to release the pas, set intentions for the future, to connect with the cycles of the planets and moon, to connect with each other and mindfully move through spiritual transitions.

  • by donation 

  • purpose varies 

  • location varies

Learn more about upcoming events that Enchaunti is hosting 

by donation