My Approach to Wellness

I am a registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist.

I use a combination of traditional therapeutic tools and animist healing to support individuals and groups in connected to their authentic self.

About Me

I'm not your average


Lover of Nature

Believer in Magic


Spiritual Rebel

Enchaunti Waroway is my chosen name and

Chauntell Dietrich is my birth name. Read more to learn more about my names!

Let Go, Connect, Discover, Explore, Heal

How you feel matters. Your thoughts and feelings influence your entire life. The better you feel, the better life feels.

I offer one to one and group sessions to help people shift their thoughts, feelings and energetic vibrations so that they can live a more fulfilling and connected life with both their inner self and with others. 

Understanding the story of our past is key to consciously creating the next chapter of our life.

You have the answers within you,

let's find them together.

Shift Your Emotional and Energetic Blocks

in the Realms of: