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Compassionate Creations

THEME : rhythm of the soul


7pm - 9pm



A night of using painting for exploring our inner world! Painting paired up with a mindfulness practice.

Connect with spirit using a drum journey to inspire your painting!Compassionate Creations is a soul filling evening at the Hamilton Centre for Personal Development.

Our paint nights are a little different than regular paint nights you’ll find elsewhere because instead of following someone else’s painting step by step, with us you’ll be empowered to create a painting that is unique to you. We focus on mindfulness and trusting your intuition. Much like yoga can be a practice for inner discovery that can help us in day to day life, painting can be a similar experience.

Join us for:

  • guided drum journey and intention setting

  • mindful painting session

  • pulling oracle cards

  • enjoy a light vegan snack, tea, good vibes and sweet beats

What is a drum journey?

I use drumming to help you connect you to a different part of yourself. Hearing the rhythm of a heart beat is the first sensory experience we have as humans in the womb. The drum is like this heart beat. Drum journeys are used to help us tune into the realm of spirit and dreams. The rhythm of the drum changes our brain waves into a theta wave state. This particular frequency range is involved in daydreaming and sleep. Theta waves are connected to us experiencing and feeling deep and raw emotions. Theta waves can help improve our intuition, creativity, and makes us feel more connected to our natural self.

This is a beautiful opportunity to practice mindfulness while being creative. It's a perfect Saturday night out for people that want to socialize in a wholesome way.

You will be guided to create your own unique painting using your drum journey experience that you can keep for yourself of gift to someone else.

No experience needed! Anyone can be an artist and Chauntell will guide you to create an art piece that you’ll love while supporting you in offering yourself love and compassion.

You’ll leave with your own painting and a boost of creative and magical vibes!

Supplies are included and space is limited so please register online early.


Hamilton Centre for Personal Development

430 York Blvd

Hamilton, Ontario

Upstairs, front door 

Elevator available at back entrance 

Parking available in Energy Tap spots


Compassionate Creations events are run by local artist and spiritual ally Chauntell Dietrich. Chauntell is a Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Animist Practitioner and Certified Energy Worker. She will guide you in creating your own unique spring vibes painting that you can keep for yourself of gift to someone else.

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